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Posted on February 18, 2019


Project Desciption

I need a project manager to consider the following task. Level or phase 1 to 4 have been completed and the data is coded already. The project looks at the the attitudes of those who design services for patients. Those professionals are called commissioners. The data is the responses from 10 survey questions. The data is qualitative and has been entered into atlas.ti and coded. the data set is responses from 43 participants answer 10 to 12 questions each. There are numerous codes which need to be collapsed into categories and the categories need to be mapped into themes. The the themes need to be defined (explain why the categories chosen are merged into themes) Level 1 was the design of the questionnaire. Level 2 was distributing the survey. Level 3 collecting the questionnaires back. Level 4 was collating the responses and using Atlas.ti as a tool for content analysis/generating the codes. 5 categorising of the codes into categories. 6. Categorising into themes and using a diagram to show the final set of themes. Level 1 was the starting point and level 8 is a report of the findings. *** is not significant to the work in any way. The data set is organised by question. The raw data is available if needed. The analysis and synthesis of the total data set refers to all the steps as a mode of analysis and the synthesis refers to interpretation of the findings. The question to answer is ‘WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR commissioning CULTURALLY COMPETENT DEMENTIA SERVICES?

Project Budget : USD 200 – USD 400

Skills Required

Data Analysis


Data Science

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